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Quality access to the Internet via fiber optic data links.

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Data channels

Implementation of safe and high-speed sharing of large amounts of information within the company.

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Dedicated servers for hosting Your data and virtual hosting services.

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Cabling Systems

Implementation of safe and high-speed sharing of large amounts of information within the company.

Today leading structured cabling systems are equal to basic communications, as natural gas and light. That’s why, it’s presence can increase the price of the rental of offices and affect on the resulting value of the building at the estate.


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IT-infrastructure of an enterprise

«Fiber Group» offers a full range of services in the field of IT service and support:

  • Maintenance services as warranty and post-warranty;
  • Implementation of solutions and support of IT infrastructure;
  • Ensuring the required level of IT business continuity;
  • Outsourcing non-core IT functions;


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Website Development

Web-design Programming Promotion


«Fiber Group Web» together with «Lorun» studio gathered professionals whose mission is to create a site for a successful business promoting their own companies, that is, for You.

Our creations - corporate websites, online shopping, promo and internal portals, as well as dozens of logos and styles. They are currently working on increasing competitiveness and promoting our clients businesses.


Our works


Through the installation of security systems You get the option of immediately alert the current situations, which are not standard with maximum record of it. In particular, it provides by the actuation of sound and light signals, messages are sent to remote centralized protection service, automatic start of fire or smoke services, as well as blocking the protected sector, the possibility of SMS alert service and etc..


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Network, server
and office equipment

A wide range of servers, computers, PBX, office equipment, supplies and software.

We will show You the best technical solution and choose the most suitable equipment with a broad ability to upgrade the system and perform all the required tasks.


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